About me

Greetings everyone!! My name is Vivek (pronounced vivache or viv+ache). This is the space where I write about what I read. I love to read, and by virtue of habit, I read practically every day. I have always been intrigued by the power of reading and writing; how the thoughts and ideas in ones’ mind can leave such a lasting impression. I love attaining knowledge through books, and I hope to share this knowledge with you by way of this blog.

I read books on almost every subject. Some of the subjects I read are in the category of biographies, science, autobiographies, productivity, business, history, self-improvement, psychology, history and many more.

The reason for starting this blog is simple. I have read so many interesting and thought provoking books that I had a strong desire to share my thoughts and ideas about them with you, the reader of my blog. If you have not read the book I am writing about, I hope to inspire you to maybe pick it up at your local bookstore, or online on Amazon, and start reading it. I would also love to read about your thoughts on the books I review as well by leaving a comment.

Welcome to my book space!!