How To Discover And Understand Your Hidden Talents

We all have hidden talents buried deep inside of us. Some of us have managed to find those talents and take advantage of them, others are either ignorant of them or have had a hard time finding them. Some of us were able to stumble upon them at a very early stage of our lives, while others are still searching, in the hope of finding them some day.

One of the best ways to find your hidden talents is to listen to the people around you. This could be relatives, friends, co-workers, managers etc. This is one way to find out what you may be good at. For example, if you hear people constantly saying, you know we should let John organize this meeting, he seems to be the best at organizing things, or, John is the best person to ask for advice, he always seems to know exactly what to say to fix a bad situation. When you hear people talk about you either directly or indirectly, you can pick up on these talents and really use it to your advantage. A lot of people don’t do enough listening, and as a result forego an opportunity for  possible talent.

This next tip goes back to a book I reviewed not too long ago called Mastery. You can go back in time to when you were a child, and try to recall the one thing you did that brought you immense joy and satisfaction. Every adult has memories of growing up and the fun times they had, that they were obsessed about, or what is the one thing you do that makes you lose track of time, I know sometimes when I write my blogs or edit my youtube videos, I could get so lost in what I am doing, and so immersed in what I am doing that I don’t notice the time fly when I am doing these things, and the best part is, I don’t get tired doing them. I love to write, and when I get started ideas and thoughts just flow naturally, and I honestly don’t feel like stopping. When I edit a video, I get all these crazy ideas for transitions and effects that I could use in them, that I lose track of time and it doesn’t seem like a chore. Find those things that make you lose track of time, that get you so absorbed in that you just don’t notice anything around you, it may just be one of your talents.

Now this next tip kind of goes hand in hand with listening, is asking. Literally, ask others what they think your talents are. Now, lets be clear, you want to ask people who will give you an honest opinion, you don’t want to ask your neighbor that lives four houses away from you, what they think you are good at, because chances are he/she will look at your strangely and ask you to get lost, in a kind way. When I say ask people, I mean people like your family members, close friends, and colleagues who you know will provide an honest answer. Also, bring them up in casual conversation, don’t make an agenda out of it, otherwise it will just seem strange.

Discover your talent/s by observing or purposefully noticing the things that come easily to you. I personally find a lot of my strengths and/or talents this way, just by merely observing my daily routines. Over time you will learn to assess your day to day routines, and notice a trend that you never thought of before. These trends are important to take note of because they could be very useful in finding out your talents. Some people notice that they have a certain way of folding clothes that come out of the laundry, other notice that they need to keep their work/study area neat and organized before they can get any serious work done, others notice that they need complete silence around them to get the most focus and concentration when learning something. The discoveries you can make are endless when you use this form of discovery.

The next tip relates to the last one I discussed which is to figure out what you enjoy doing regularly. You can also think of this as what you enjoy doing the most on your days off, or on the weekends when you don’t have the stress of your full-time job weighing on you. What is the one thing or things you like to retreat to, that bring you nothing but joy, pleasure, peace and relaxation. I know for me, it is usually writing, reading, and photography. I take full advantage of my weekends doing either one or all of the these things. They sound a lot like hobbies, but if you do them long enough, and master them, they could prove to be useful talents as well. Chances are what you enjoy doing comes easily or naturally to you, so that is a big clue as to what where your talents may lie. If you wake every morning excited to cook something new and exciting, and you find yourself constantly experimenting with crazy, fancy food, chances are you may have a natural talent for cooking. Or if you are obsessed with reading, and analyzing the the book after reading it, chances are you have a talent for critiquing.

Finding out your talents are a great way to build character and personality. The earlier you notice and sharpen these talents the happier and more satisfied you will be in life. These talents could open up door to a multitude of possibilities in the future, and can help you find out who you are, and the kind of person you want to be. There is nothing like searching for meaning and true purpose in your life, and even if it is something you don’t plan to capitalize on, it definitely will help make your life that much more interesting and purposeful.


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