Turning Your Failures Into Successes

You have probably heard this phrase many times in your life, you probably also know what it means. When you read, or hear it, it makes perfect sense, why would someone not want to be successful. Nobody wants to wallow in their failures. But the problem is, like with several other things in life, we know what needs to be done, we can picture it in our minds, we can read about it in books, and watch it being done in others, and yet, we suffer from an inability to act on them. We all know we need to do it, but we often stop there, and never implement it. Many of us may actually start to implement it, but fall off the wagon the minute it starts getting tough or we start noticing obstacles that we really don’t want to push through, and this leads us back to square one. This is a cyclical phenomenon we tend to suffer through, throughout our lives. What we need to do is break these barriers to our success, and push forth through the obstacles  the impatience, the instant gratification and whatever else you’d like to call it that holds us back. The end result can only make you better, stronger, and more confident. Honestly what do you have to lose, really!!

Lets define what it means to turn failures into successes. Generally speaking, you want to take something you fail at, learn from it, figure out where you went wrong and change your approach towards it to see if that yields more success. You want to essentially use failure as a tool to tweak the way you do things now, so that the result is a success. This could be implemented in any aspect of your life, whether it be studying for an exam, or making management decisions at work, the way you raise your children, or it could pertain to a hobby, activity, or relationship. Dissecting failure, breaking it down into parts, is really what helps you turn them into successes in the future. I would go as far as to say that failure is actually a vital part of your life, and that with no failure you would never know how to truly succeed. It sounds a bit ridiculous  especially when you think about how failure can impact your life, you fail a class, and it could lower your overall GPA, or you fail in a relationship or marriage, and that could lead to a bad breakup or divorce. You fail in business, and that could lead to millions of dollars worth of losses, and possibly bankruptcy  but you have to try and look at the long term benefits that you gain as a result of this; you attain wisdom, knowledge, foresight, and experience in the process, every failure has a silver lining somewhere, you just have to have an open enough mind to find it. When you find these gaps that led to a failure, you come out stronger, and more confident in your abilities as a result, and best of all, you stop fearing failure, because you learned so much about yourself and your limitations in the process, that nothing seems impossible anymore to you. Trust me, it’s a great feeling.

What would it mean to give up as a result of failure. One thing is for sure, it will have a painful impact on your self-esteem, and your own self-worth. Nothing good in life has ever come out of living a life of failure, refusing to learn from it and turn it around, call it your own ego, or your own lack of ability to see a better future, but if you refuse to let yourself grow from this experience, it can spell disaster for the rest of your life. Does that sound like something you are willing to live with? If you are a young 35 year old individual, do you want to live every single day knowing you can do something about it, and yet you don’t want to take the first step and at least try to turn it around. Do you want to end up at 60 or 65 with nothing but regret, feeling that all those years you could have done something about it, but you refused to let yourself be happy, because you let the fear of failure rule over your emotions and abilities? I am going to go on a limb and say, probably not!! But, if you decide to embrace failure, that is exactly the kind of life you have to look forward to. A life full of regret and self-doubt. Take a moment now to think about which deal sounds better, embracing success, or embracing failure?


2 thoughts on “Turning Your Failures Into Successes

  1. I would definitely agree with failure being vital to one’s life. It’s actually inevitable so learning to deal with it is all the more important. Kinda went through my own up and down in terms of failure and just now I’m coming to terms with it (and still trying hard to accept it). If you’re interested I’ve collated a lot of personal stories about peoples’ failure stories (in every aspect from work to academics to relationships etc), to try and normalise failure in today’s society (openingfailure.wordpress.com) , hopefully you can find some comfort in it.

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