A short review of The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound EffectEvery once in a while I come across a book, either through a recommendation, or by hearing about it somewhere. This was one such book. I started reading this book a few months ago, and if there is one thing I can say about this book, it would be, ‘mind blowing!!.’

 Now as always, I don’t plan to give away all the goodness that this book has to offer. Its like going to a really good movie, and later on telling those you know who haven’t seen it, what it was about, and in the process crushing their curiosity, and possibly enduring some hostility for weeks or months to come. My sole purpose behind writing these blogs is to encourage you to read the book for yourself, possibly by igniting some curiosity and desire, and sharing your respective thoughts and ideas in the comments section, if you choose to do so. It’s always great to gain different perspectives from others. Having said that, lets get into a brief description of this book, and what knowledge you can hope to gain from it.

 The very definition of compounding is having or involving two or more actions or functions.” Forming one action, leads to another action, and then another and so on. This effect in turn creates momentum, or consistency. This theory can be applied to virtually anything in life; from finances and habits, to career and overall success in life. The author puts this notion into a practical and easy to follow ‘guide’ for anyone to follow and create success in one’s life.

 This book is broken down into six fairly short chapters. Each chapter discusses a particular concept, and action steps on how to implement the concept in your daily life, with the end of the book culminating in an action plan exercise which the author takes very seriously and which you implement.

Some of the main concepts discussed in this book are as follows:  

Choices talks about the basic choices you make in life, how to filter the good or necessary one’s from the bad and unnecessary one’s, and how each can impact your life in very different ways. The compound effect is revealed with each topic or concept, in terms of how when each concept is implemented the result is always compounded. So in this case, poor choices lead to a compounded effect of bad choices for the rest of your life, and good choices that are compounded result in good choices for the rest of your life. 

Lets use a practical example to highlight this concept. Lets say you want to get really fit and clean up your diet, whatever reason that may be for, may be doctor’s orders. After doing the research, you decide to cut out fast food, sugars, excess salt and bad fats from your diet and instead implement a diet rich in good fats, carbohydrates, lean proteins, vegetables, and fiber. You put the diet in action one step at a time. Before you know it you begin to notice small changes in your body, starting with possibly clearer skin. You start receiving complements from people on how fresh you look. You begin to notice that your clothes fit better. This give you the confidence to stick to this and take it one step further by getting on a fitness program as well. As you can see, one choice as a result has led to a compounded effect of multiple good choices. Now reverse the same example for one bad choice, and you notice the compounded effect of make multiple bad choices.

 With habits it is pretty much the same idea, the better your habits, more positive they are, the effects are compounded for the rest of your life. The idea is to build good habits steadily, and be patient in the process, as habits, good or bad take time to grow and become second nature. This also goes into the concept of consistency and persistence as both are necessary in growing and maintaining good habits. To use a personal example is a habit I developed of reading everyday, I started by reading for fifteen minutes a day, then increased it to twenty five and so on till I got into the habit of reading consistently everyday. Now, a day doesn’t go by without me picking up a book and reading. The only difference now is that I do it more so for pleasure than for habit formation, as the saying goes, it’s like second nature to me. I did not always have this habit, and like many good things in life, this was slowly and consciously developed over a period of time. There were times when I procrastinated as well, but now, reading for me is like waking up in the morning, or brushing my teeth, its just natural.

 Momentum is where the author provides information on how to start any endeavor at a steady pace, and not get too excited or be too hard on oneself right at the beginning as it will affect motivation, will, and consistency. Be the tortoise, go the distance, but most importantly stay consistent, and the benefits will come, consistency builds momentum, and momentum builds motivation and eventual wealth. But continue the momentum without stopping otherwise you will have to rebuild it all over again, and that will take a lot of necessary will power and motivation to do so, once momentum is built, it gets easier to keep it up. This brings to mind the first review of the book Mini Habits by Stephen Guise, wherein, he writes about the effectiveness of creating mini habits in your life. These mini habits create a sort of momentum and steadiness as you continue to build them up. As you build momentum, you can always increase the pace or challenge yourself to take on more, but always keep in mind that consistency is key, and not to get too involved with the thought of doing more just because you want to kick up the pace. It sounds like a good idea at the moment, but don’t let your ego dictate what you can or should do. Speaking of ego, be on the look out for a new review coming soon, may not be the next review, but it is definitely in the works. Can any guess what book that will be?

All these topics are discussed keeping in mind the main point of creating the Compound effect, jump starting your income, life and success. An excellent read, definitely something that should be implemented. This book could serve as a practical guide to creating habits, routines, consistency and momentum in your life. Whatever hardship you may be facing at the moment, this book will help you find your focus and help guide you with setting practical goals not just for your future endeavors, but for LIFE.


3 thoughts on “A short review of The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

  1. This is a great review. I love the idea of compounding the effect of positive habits and thoughts. Makes me want to read and implement the strategies outlined in the book. I also like your areas of focus, VB. Interesting, productive and uplifting material.

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